Tumor Genomics Unit, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori

Country: Italy


The main focus of our group is the study of lung cancer heterogeneity and the interactions of cancer cells with the microenvironment that can dictate metastatic potential.

We have a solid expertise in the study of Cancer Stem Cells subpopulations as drivers of primary tumor and metastasis initiation that we have investigated directly on primary tumor tissues and in established patient derived xenografts models (PDXs). We have extensively exploited PDXs, as models that closely resemble primary tumors, for the dissection of the metastatic cascade and the study of innovative anti-metastatic therapies.

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Main Task:

Our main activity is testing novel nanosystems in in vivo PDX models by assessing their effectiveness on tumor growth, tumor dissemination, metastasis formation and on the potential therapeutic impact on the CSC subset.

We will also investigate the expression of candidate target TAS1R3 in primary tumors and PDX models, especially focusing on the co-expression of TAS1R3 (metastatic target) with CD133 (CSC marker).