Nano-Oncology and Translational Therapeutics group & ONCOMET, CIBER (IDIS)

Country: Spain


The main aim of the Nano-Oncology and Translational Therapeutics group & ONCOMET is to provide new therapeutic and diagnostic tools to improve the outcome of cancer, based on the application of nanotechnology. We aim to address current unmet clinical needs mainly focusing our research on difficult to treat tumors and metastatic disease. We are a group of professionals with complementary backgrounds to perform multidisciplinary research for the benefit of cancer patients.

We are focused on the development of nanosystems that are safe-by-design, biocompatible and biodegradable, which can be prepared following very simple procedures, and are composed by materials with a well-kwon safety track record. Our technology has to be versatile to accommodate different king of therapeutics such as hydrophobic and amphiphilic drugs, peptides, antibodies and aptamers, as well as fluorescent tracers and radioisotopes for in vitro and in vivo tracking, to adapt to specific needs and fulfill all requirements for personalized medicine.

Main Task:

Our main activity is the development and full characterization of the nanosystems, including physicochemical characterization and evaluation of their interaction with the biological environment. We will supply with nanosystems and protocols to the rest of the partners, and will developed optimized prototypes based on their results. We will be in charge of the coordination of the project, managerial and exploitation and dissemination activities.