Photonics Engineering Group, CIBER (University of Cantabria and IDIVAL)

Country: Spain


The research group has five strategic R&D&i lines:

i) medical diagnostic tools based on photonic imaging; ii) devices and systems for better diagnosis and monitoring of diseases with special emphasis on the elderly population; iii) micro-nano structures by interacting laser matter for diagnosis and therapy; iv) efficient and contactless optical devices for systems for food quality and safety and v) light-based therapies and medicines.

Contact person:

José Miguel López Higuera

[email protected]

Luis Rodriguez Cobo

[email protected]

Main Task:

Photonics Engineering Group will contribute to the project with their expertise, facilities and development of specific devices for the research concerning the light interaction with the PANIPAC´s nano-medicine and specifically, in order to activate efficiently the nano-conjugates that will develop other partners of the projects.